You Hungry Yet?

You've obviously come here looking for the delicious food right? Okay good news, you made it. I started my love of food so young that even my first job was at a restaurant. I enjoyed putting different flavors together and sharing my creations with others. I love talking about new food trends, saving money on groceries, and making homestyle meals that are often a nod to the classics.

I noticed that many of my friends didn't learn to cook at home, and maybe that's you too, so I thought I could help with that. Food doesn't have to be complicated. It takes a little time to get yourself established to your cooking groove, but once you do...

this cooking thing will be a BREEZE.

  • Staying Healthy

    Being a Type 2 diabetic has changed my life. Getting rid of it has been a journey that I would love to share with you. If you or anyone you knows needs an accountability partner... I'm your girl.

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  • Voyage Raleigh

    Local Community

    Being a part of the local community is a focal point of mine. I was able to interview with Voyage Raleigh Magazine on my journey and on how I plan to support the local economy.

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  • Business Insider

    Foodie Trends on Social Media

    Social Media food trends are crazy fun and can be a little addicting. I did an interview with Insider giving my secrets to a delicious and crispy chicken wing in the air fryer.

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